Quarantine and social distancing, is meant to impose an isolation not only on us, but also on our pet dogs. While many people, especially lonely ones, seem to experience frustration during these times, our dogs will help keep us sane. A dog’s mere presence can be lifesaving and stress-relieving during quarantine.

It is true that under normal circumstances, our dogs spend most of their day alone at home, missing our company. However, the coronavirus isolation has rewarded them with our time and companionship. Now, there’s an opportunity to savor the time spent with them.

Keeping our pets safe during the pandemic is as important as keeping every other member of our family safe. It is true that your dog cannot get sick by COVID-19, but social distancing, proper training and weight management is important for them also. Here are some tips to follow during the outbreak:

  1. Social distancing remains the cornerstone of our efforts to be safe. Walk your dog in less crowded areas, avoid petting other dogs and discourage others from petting yours. Avoiding sniffing and licking on the ground is even more important during these days
  2. Proper hygiene measures after walk, such as cleaning the paws and washing ones hands after touching them should be practiced anyway
  3. If you can’t walk your dog often, try indoor exercise. Your dog will be overwhelmed having you around, but “fetch”, regular grooming and playing with new toys will keep him busy. Relish the time spent with them. Your dog can indeed teach you how to enjoy every moment of your life
  4. Maintain their balanced weight. If your dog can’t exercise enough, reduce the food intake by a small percentage and avoid extra treats
  5. Be up-to-date with your vet’s recommendations and the health advisory given by your country

If you are willing to adopt a pet while on quarantine, be sure that you will remain committed after all this is over. Consider whether you can spend enough time to train and take care of your pet, and if you can afford the pet food and vet care bills. A pet is a companion for life. They just want to please us. Make sure that you will be able to reward them for that.